Leather floors, all information

Leather floors, all information

Leather floors: prices, features and things to know before using leather to cover the floor of the house.

Class and elegance, softness and resistance, these are the characteristics of aleather floorof high quality. Leather floors are not made up of simple tiles, but of shapes that furnish with the symbol of luxury.

Leather upholstery for home decor

That ofleatherand ofskinit is a timeless elegance. Theleatherit is a precious material widely used in the world of design to make accessories such as shoes, wallets, jackets, bags ... interior design sees the same material used to cover walls, floors, shelves or the handrail of the stairs.

Theleatherit is a completely natural material, able to enhance the characteristics of the leather: it gives the environment an elegant and warm look.

Use the leathers forcoatwalls and floors means creating refined and classy environments: leather is a material that cannot be confused with any other type of covering! A unique symbol that can even be customized in the most sought-after cases.

Leather is very soft to the touch, perfect for covering the floor of bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes or areas dedicated to relaxation.

Leather floors

On the market there are leather floors in the form of tiles, planks or panels of different sizes. Planks, panels and tiles have different supports, the most valuable are the wooden slats but there is no lack of natural cork panels or layers composed of vinyl resins.

THEleather floorsthey generally derive from leather that is recycled and made rot and resistant.

Thereskinanimal is transformed into leather with a manufacturing process that can be more or less long, therefore more or less valuable. The first step is that of tanning, a chemical operation that transforms putrescible leather into leather. Tanning with tannin is considered to be the most natural because it is carried out with a substance obtained from wood (in fact, tannin). The most used tanning is the chrome one because it is cheaper and faster.

THEleather floorsthey are durable and waterproof. They have the advantage of giving the environment a soft and muffled sound, perfect for the rooms of the most luxurious hotels: the leather upholstery has the advantage of acoustically insulating the rooms in which they are installed.

How much does the leather floor cost?

It is really difficult to talk about a generic cost or average prices. When it comes toleather floors, each product has its history and its specific cost. THE leather floors they are sophisticated and are a symbol of luxury. To give you an example, a floating floor with a cork base and recycled leather covering can cost around 150 euros per square meter. Furthermore, floating leather floors can be purchased in panels of different sizes: a 1.90 square meter panel can cost around 230 euros. Prices can increase when the leather comes from careful processing and a slow tanning in the tub with high quality extracts such as chestnut.

Laying of leather floors

Similarly to what we saw for the laying of the parquet, also that of leather covering for floors it can be done by gluing or interlocking.

The installation by gluing is carried out if theleather floorsees supports in vinyl resins. The interlocking installation is seen in case offloating leather floor, therefore with cork support or wooden slats, in this case, the slats or cork are equipped with ad hoc male and female joints.

Another solution for laying theleather floorsees the use of a rubber mat as a base, in this case careful work will be carried out to seal the joints.

Theleather floorgives the possibility to renovate the house and change flooring without having to destroy the pre-existing floor or change skirting boards and doors: the thickness of the leather floors is minimal. They range from a minimum of 2.5 mm thick up to a maximum of 15 mm if you prefer supports in wooden slats.

In the photo: Nextep Leathers by Pride Srl leather floor

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