Spanish Mastiff: character and price

Spanish Mastiff: character and price

Spanish Mastiff, a very ancient dog and one of the largest in the world. Just think that a male of this breed can safely weigh 110 Kg, with a height at the withers of 90 cm. Fortunately, they are mild-mannered dogs. The Spanish Mastiff is a mountain dog of the Molosser type, originally from Spain but of international fame so much that they also call it Mastín Español, Mâtin espagnol, Spanischer Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff.

Spanish Mastiff: origins

Through Asia Minor, the ancestors of Spanish Mastiff they arrived in Europe and elected Spain as their place of origin, a long time ago. The Molosser of Tibet in this land it has therefore gradually become a dog specialized in herding activities, in fact it was already the companion of the shepherds who lived there 4 thousand years ago: it is estimated to be the oldest Spanish breed.

For centuries the protector of herds in transhumance, this giant and good dog, was also much loved by the nobles and was even admitted to the royal court. As the pastoral activity they went to shrink, he was not unemployed, even if for a moment he seriously risked extinction. After a strenuous recovery phase, today the Spanish Mastiff is back and is quite popular in Italy too. Its standard dates back to the end of the Second World War, it was drawn up in 1949.

Spanish Mastiff: appearance

Being a big dog, having to be a big dog, for the Spanish Mastiff we have minimum height limits at the withers, limits to be overcome preferably, and from time to time. For the male it is 77 cm, 72 cm for the females. Tall but not only: it is a massive breed, strong and muscular, very resistant. Yes, because the selection was made to obtain a dog that could best guard the transhumant flocks in the endless territories of Castilla: daily movements of 30 km should not have frightened him.

The hanging ears and calm eyes give the feeling of a lazy and indolent dog, with little aptitude for action, but in truth, when needed, the Spanish Mastiff is capable of unexpected shots and speeds. Seeing is believing.

Big and heavy, however, this dog moves with elegance, has a large but proportionate head, with a wide and black nose, a very robust neck, almond-shaped eyes, preferably brown or hazel. As for the colors of the cloak, among those admitted the most popular are the uniform ones (dirty white, fawn, reddish, black, wolf gray and brown), but brindle and white-piebald coats are also accepted. The hair, of whatever color it is, is thick, thick, hard, semi-long, smooth.

Spanish Mastiff: character

It is the classic guardian, calm and balanced, the Spanish Mastiff, quiet. He moves with a detached attitude, during the day he is independent, with his masters, as he has been with the flock for centuries, he shows himself very protective. In fact, the only time he can become aggressive is when he feels that someone is threatening his family or the property he knows he is the keeper of. For the rest it is the classic good giant.

Spanish Mastiff: breeding

In Italy, reported byENCI, there is only one breeding of Spanish Mastiff and is located in Liguria, in the province of Savona. There aren't many in Europe, apart from Spain. Breeding a breed like this means being very careful, because puppies are very delicate and it is important that in the first months they have all the care and protection they deserve. Also because, after this start-up phase, they will become healthy, robust and long-lived.

Unlike many giant breeds, in fact, the Spanish Mastiff has an average life expectancy of 10-12 years of life. And it can be kept outdoors without problems, with a dog kennel suitable for protecting from the cold. Garden or home, never let him lack human warmth, he needs it. Bear the cold but not the loneliness and the idea of ​​being overlooked.

Spanish Mastiff: video

Aren't you curious to see this huge dog in action? I do, and here is a video dedicated to him. Here the Spanish Mastiff is well told and shows itself in all its gentle strength, you can't help but fall in love with it, right?

Spanish Mastiff: price

The price of a puppy's Spanish Mastiff, in breeding it can reach 1,500 / 1,700 euros. I do not deny that online you could find cheaper prices, it is undoubtedly important to check the set of documents on the identity and health of this dog, to have the pedigree delivered, perhaps consulting it together with a veterinarian. It is also important to make sure that our future puppy has been treated well, since his childhood is the most critical period for him, then once he "starts" he is a robust dog in every sense.

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